Master List of BMW Paint Codes

Master list of OEM BMW paint color codes.
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Master List of BMW Paint Codes

Post by bimmertips » Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:15 pm

000 Primer Primer Standard Grey
001 Nevada Nevada Standard Brown
002 Colorado Colorado Standard Orange
003 Condorgelb Condor Yellow Standard Yellow
004 Manila Manila Standard Ivory
005 Tampico Tampico Standard Beige
006 Sahara Sahara Standard Beige
007 Hellelfenbein (Taxi) Light Ivory Standard Ivory
008 Ceylon Ceylon Metallic Gold
009 Sienabraun Siena Brown Metallic Brown
012 Sierrabeige Sierra Beige Standard Brown
013 Topasbraun Topas Brown Metallic Brown
016 Iberischrot Iberian Red Standard Red
018 Rubinrot Ruby Red Metallic Red
019 Orange II
020 Korall Coral Standard Red
021 Malaga Malaga Standard Maroon
022 Inka Inka Standard Orange
023 Granada Granada Standard Red
024 Verona Verona Standard Red
025 Granatrot Granat Red Metallic Red
027 Madeira Madeira Standard Maroon
028 Phonix Phonix Standard Orange
031 Rot Red Metallic Red
035 Granatrot Garnet Red Metallic Red
036 Riviera Riviera Standard Blue
037 Fjord Fjord Blue Metallic Blue
039 Pacific Pacific Blue Standard Blue
040 Nachtblau Midnight Blue Metallic Blue
041 Atlantikblau Atlantic Blue Standard Blue
042 Baikal Baikal Blue Metallic Blue
044 Pastellblau Pastel Blue Standard Blue
045 Arctisblau Arctic Blue Metallic Blue
052 Hennarot Henna Red Standard Red
053 Bordeauxrot Bordeaux Red Standard Red
054 Ozeanblau Ocean Blue Standard Blue
055 Anthrazitgrau Anthracite Grey Metallic Grey
056 Derby Derby Standard Grey
057 Polaris Polaris Silver Metallic Silver
058 Bristol Bristol Standard Blue
059 Caribe Caribe Standard Blue
060 Polaris Polaris Metallic Silver
062 Schilfgrun Reed Green Standard Green
063 Amazonitgrun Amazon Green Metallic Green
064 Turmalingrun Tourmaline Green Metallic Green
065 Turkis Turquoise Green Metallic Green
066 Florida Florida Standard Green
068 Tundra Tundra Metallic Green
070 Golf Golf Standard Yellow
071 Agave Agave Green Standard Green
072 Taiga Taiga Metallic Green
073 Turf Pine Green Standard Green
075 Resedagruen Reseda Green Metallic Green
076 Amazonasgrun Amazon Green Standard Green
078 Jadegrun Jade Green Standard Green
079 Mintgrun Mint Green Standard Green
083 Polizeweiss Police White Standard White
084 Blau Blue Metallic Blue
085 Chamonix Chamonix White Standard White
086 Schwarz Black Standard Black
087 Graphit Graphite Metallic Black
094 Hellminzegruen Light Mint Green Standard Green
097 Minzegruen Mint Green Standard Green
115 Dolmitgrau Dolmit Grey Metallic Grey
118 Dunkelblau II Metallic
121 Mattschwartz Black Matte Standard Black
127 Madison Madison Metallic Silver
128 Gazellenbeige Gazelle Beige Standard Beige
136 Alaskablau Alaska Blue Metallic Blue
137 Perlmutt Mother of Pearl Metallic White
138 Zinnoberrot Cinnabar Red Standard Red
139 Bronzitbeig Bronze Beige Metallic Beige
140 Biskayablau Biscay Blue Standard Blue
141 Zederngrun Cedar Green Standard Green
142 Sepiabraun Sepia Brown Standard Brown
143 Kaschmir Cashmere Metallic Beige
146 Alpinweiss Alpine White Standard White
147 Safaribeige Safari Beige Standard Beige
148 Koronagelb Korona Yellow Standard Yellow
149 Saphirblau Sapphire Blue Metallic Blue
151 Ascotgrau Ascot Grey Metallic Grey
152 Zypressengrun Cypress Green Metallic Green
153 Olivgrun Olive Green Metallic Green
154 Brasilbraun Brazil Brown Metallic Brown
155 Karneolrot Karnal Red Metallic Red
157 Kastanienrot Chestnut Red Metallic Red
158 Tanggruen Metal
162 Klassischschwartz Classic Black Metallic Black
170 Bahamabeige Bahamas Beige Metallic Beige
171 Opal Opal Green Metallic Green
172 Karminrot Carmine Red Standard Red
173 Lapisblau Lapis Blue Standard Blue
174 Bajarot Baja Red Metallic Red
176 Saturnblau Saturn Blue Standard Blue
177 Achatgruen Agate Green Metallic Green
178 Balticblau Baltic Blue Metallic Blue
179 Acaiagrun Acaia Green Standard Green
180 Basaltblau Basalt Blue Standard Blue
181 Diamantschwarz Diamond Black Metallic Black
182 Smaragdgruen Emerald Green Metallic Green
183 Carribbeanblau Carribbean Blue Metallic Blue
184 Delphin Dolphin Metallic Grey
185 Cosmosblau Cosmos Blue Metallic Blue
186 Diamantgrau Diamond Grey Metallic Grey
187 Savannabeige Savanna Beige Standard Beige
188 Platanengrun Platana Green Metallic Green
189 Cirrusblau Cirrus Blue Metallic Blue
194 Pustagrun Pubta Green Standard Green
196 Zobelbraun Sable Brown Metallic Brown
198 Royalblau Royal Blue Metallic Blue
199 Burgundrot Burgundy Red Metallic Red
203 Lachssilber Salmon Silver Metallic Silver
204 Columbiansilber Columbian Silver Metallic Silver
205 Malachitgruen Malachite Green Metallic Green
207 Atlantisblau Atlantic Blue Metallic Blue
212 Nerzbraun Mink Brown Metallic Brown
214 Burgundrot II Burgundy Red II Metallic Red
218 Alpinweiss II Alpine White Standard White
219 Luxorbeige Luxor Beige Metallic Brown
222 Marrakeschrot Marrakesh Red Standard Red
224 Weinrot Vine Red Standard Red
225 Bermudablau Bermuda Blue Metallic Blue
228 Onyxschwarz Onyx Black Metallic Black
229 Sebringgrau Sebring Grey Metallic Grey
230 Ginstergelb
231 Mineralblau Mineral Blue Metallic Blue
232 Stratosgrau Stratos Grey Metallic Grey
235 Brilliantsilber Brilliant Silver Metallic Silver
237 Granitsilber Granite Silver Metallic Silver
239 Tabakbraun Tobacco Brown Metallic Brown
241 Titanblau Titanic Blue Metallic Blue
243 Nogarosilber Blue Silver Metallic Silver
244 Sterlingsilber Sterling Silver Metallic Silver
246 Topazrot-violett Topas Red-Violet Metallic Red
247 Barbadosgrun Barbados Green Metallic Green
249 Perlgruen Pearl Green Metallic Green
250 Macaoblau Macao Blue Metallic Blue
251 Toskanagrun Toskana Green Metallic Green
252 Calypsorot Calypso Red Metallic Red
253 Pur Blau Pure Blue Metallic Blue
255 Neonblau Neon Blue Metallic Blue
256 Tobagoblau Tobago Blue Metallic Blue
257 Toprot Top Red Standard Red
259 Brokatrot Brocade Red Metallic Red
260 Magic Violett Magic Violet Metallic Purple
262 Neongruen Neon Green Metallic Green
263 Dunkelblau Dark Blue Metallic Blue
264 Fungelb fun yellow Standard Yellow
265 Weissalu White Aluminum Metallic White
266 Lagunengruen Lagoon Green Metallic Green
267 Dakar Gelb II Dakar Yellow Standard Yellow
269 Arctisgrau Artic Green Metallic Green
270 Konigblau King Blue Metallic Blue
271 Urgruen Primal Green Metallic Green
273 Islandgrun Island Green Metallic Green
274 Mugellorot Mugello Red Standard Red
275 Bostongruen Boston Green Metallic Green
276 Avusblau Avus Blue Metallic Blue
278 Traumschwartz Dream Black Metallic Black
280 Gletscherblau Glacier Blue Metallic Blue
281 Sienarot Sienna Red Metallic Red
282 Samanabgeige Samana Beige Metallic Beige
283 Daytonaviolett Daytona Violet Metallic Purple
286 Cordobarot Cordoba Red Metallic Red
287 Mauritiusblau Mauritius Blue Metallic Blue
288 Moreagruen Morea Green Metallic Green
289 Dunkelgruen Dark Green Standard Green
290 Maledivenblau Maledavian Blue Metallic Blue
294 Lazerblau Laser Blue Metallic Blue
295 Samoablau Samoa Blue Metallic Blue
296 Sumatragelb Sumatra Yellow Metallic Yellow
297 Montrealblau Montreal Blue Metallic Blue
299 Technoviolett Techno Violet Metallic Violet
300 Alpinweiss Alpine White Standard White
301 Kaschmirebeige Cashmere Beige Metallic Beige
302 Madeiraviolett Maderia Violet Metallic Purple
303 Cosmosschwarz Cosmos Black Metallic Black
304 Violettschwarz Violet Black Standard Purple
305 Petrol Mica Petrol Mica Metallic Grey
306 Atlantablau Atlanta Blue Metallic Blue
307 Dunkelgruen II Dark Green II Standard Green
308 Brilliantrot Brilliant Red Standard Red
309 Arctissilber Arctic Silver Metallic Silver
310 Fjordgrau Fjord Grey Metallic Grey
312 Brit-Racing-Green Brit Racing Green Standard Green
314 Hellrot Bright Red Standard Red
315 Tizianrot Tizian Red Standard Red
316 Violettrot Violet Red Standard Red
317 Orientblau Orient Blue Metallic Blue
318 Santorinblau Santorin Blue Standard Blue
319 Palmettogrun Palmetto Green Metallic Green
321 Kobaltblau Cobalt Blue Standard Blue
322 Nauticgruen Nautic Green Standard Green
323 Mystikerrot Mystic Red Metallic Red
324 Oxfordgruen Oxford Green Metallic Green
326 Tuerkisgruen Turquoise Green Standard Green
327 Santorinblau II Santorin Blue II Standard Blue
328 Violettrot II Violet Red II Standard Red
329 Vulkangrau Vulcan Grey Standard Grey
330 Sternformigblau Astral Blue Metallic Blue
331 Mohavebraun Mojave Brown Metallic Brown
334 Glaciergrun Glacier Green Metallic Green
335 Estorilblau Estoril Blue Metallic Blue
336 Agaischblau Aegean Blue Metallic Blue
337 Dakargelb II Dakar Yellow II Standard Yellow
338 Seidenblau Silk Blue Metallic Blue
339 Aspensilbe Aspen Silver Metallic Silver
341 Panamabraun Panama Brown Metallic Brown
342 Graphite Graphite Metallic Grey
343 Canyonrot Canyon Red Metallic Red
346 Navarraviolett Navarra Violet Metallic Violet
347 Shwartz Mica Black Mica Metallic Black
348 Aubergine Aubergine Standard Red
349 Eisblau Ice Blue Metallic Blue
351 Kyalamiorange Kyalamiorange Standard Orange
352 Limonit Lime Metallic Green
353 Ascotgruen Ascot Green Metallic Green
354 Titansilber Titanium Silver Metallic Silver
355 Byzanz Byzantium Metallic Orange
356 Vermontgrun Vermont Green Metallic Green
357 Sierra Red Sierra Red Metallic Red
358 Evergreen Evergreen Standard Green
359 Mora Mora Metallic Purple
360 Sorrentblau Sorrent Blue Metallic Blue
361 Williamsblau Pearl
362 Sienarot II Sienna Red II Metallic Red
363 Biarritzblau Biarritz Blue Metallic Blue
364 Topazblau Topaz Blue Metallic Blue
365 Ziegelrot Brick Red Standard Red
366 Imolarot Imola Red Standard Red
367 Alaskablau Alaska Blue Metallic Blue
369 Romanticrot Romantic Red Metallic Red
370 Wellingtongrun Metallic
371 Goldorange Pearl
372 Stahlblau Steel Blue Metallic Blue
374 Nepalsilber Nepal Silver Metallic Silver
375 Feuerrot II
376 Lightgelb Light Yellow Metallic Yellow
379 Velvetblau Velvet Blue Metallic Blue
381 Lemans-Blau LeMans Blue Metallic Blue
386 Farngrun Fern Green Metallic Green
388 Peach Metallic
389 Hell-elfenbein II Light Ivory Standard White
390 Royalrot Royal Red Metallic Red
392 Marrakeschrot II Marrakesh Red II Standard Red
393 Meergrun Sea Green Metallic Green
394 Orlando Orange
395 Sundown Sundown Metallic Red
397 Anthrazit Anthracite Metallic Black
398 Kirunaviolett Kiruna Violet Metallic Purple
399 Atlantis Atlantis Metallic Green
400 Stahlgrau Steel Grey Metallic Grey
402 Fashionrot II Fashion Red Standard Red
405 Imolarot II Imola Red II Standard Red
406 Orinoco Orinoco Metallic Grey
408 Palmettogrun II Palmetto Green II Metallic Green
411 Pearlbeige Pearl Beige Metallic Beige
413 Fidschigrun Fiji Green Standard Green
414 Mandarin
415 Hellrot II Bright Red II Metallic Red
416 Carbonschwartz Carbon Black Metallic Black
418 Impalabraun Impala Brown Metallic Brown
419 Turkis Turquoise Metallic Green
420 Korall Metal
421 Bronzit Bronze Metallic Gold
423 Lahargrau Metallic
425 Silverstone Silverstone Metallic Silver
427 Neongelb Neon Yellow Standard Yellow
430 Oxfordgruen II Oxford Green II Metallic Green
433 Apricot Apricot Metallic Red
436 Mahagoni Mahogany Metallic Brown
438 Japanrot Japan Red Standard Red
439 Eisblau Metallic
440 Stratus Stratus Metallic Silver
441 Pazifikblau Pacific Blue Metallic Blue
442 Graugrun Grey Green Metallic Green
443 Saharabeige Sahara Beige Metallic Beige
444 Skarabaesgruen Scarab Green Metallic Green
445 Phonixgelb Phoenix Yellow Metallic Yellow
446 Criollo Metallic
447 Frostblau Frost Blue Metallic Blue
448 Laguna Seca Laguna Seca Blue Standard Blue
449 Schiefergrun Slate Green Metallic Green
451 Aqua Aqua Metallic Blue
452 Amethyst Amethyst Metallic Purple
453 Nachtblau Midnight blue Metallic Blue
454 Tannengrun Tannen Green Metallic Green
457 Rot II
461 Kalaharigelb II
462 Graphite 2 Metallic
465 Orangerot II
467 Titansilber Metallic
468 Pistaziengrun Pistachio Green Metallic Green
469 Oliv Metal
470 Flamencorot Flamenco Red Metallic Red
471 Capriblau Metal
472 Sterlinggrau Sterling Gray Metallic Grey
474 Sepia Sepia Metallic Brown
475 Black Sapphire Black Sapphire Metallic Blue
476 Ambra Amber Metallic Gold
478 Satinbeige Satin Beige Metallic Beige
480 Peach Metallic II
481 Kalaharibeige Kalahari Beige Metallic Beige
482 Toledoblau Toledo Blue Metallic Blue
483 Phonixgrau Metallic
490 INDIVIDUAL COLOR PROGRAM -- (Generic code for most Individual Program colors)
492 Toskanagruen Metallic
493 Mandarin II
496 Mintgrun
501 Blau Blue Blue
503 Tuerkis Turquoise Green
504 Blau Blue Blue
505 Silber Silver Silver
506 Klassischschwartz Classic Black Black
507 Silbergraphit Silver Graphite Grey
508 Rotrauch Red Smoke Red
509 Rotrauch Red Smoke Red
510 Daytonaorange Daytona Orange Orange
511 Havanagold Havana Gold Gold
518 Rot Red Red
519 Schwarz Black Black
520 Gruenrauch Green Smoke Green
524 Bayerischblau Bavarian Blue Blue
526 Bol D Bol D Standard Red
529 Curry Curry Metallic Gold
530 Silber Silver Metallic Silver
531 Rot Red Metallic Red
532 Schwarz Black Metallic Black
533 Blau Blue Metallic Blue
534 Verbranntorange Burnt Orange Metallic Orange
538 Monzablau Monza Blue Blue
541 Rot Red Metallic Metallic Red
542 Alaskablau Alaska Blue Blue
544 Pazifikblau Pacific Blue Blue
545 Balligsilber Spheric Silver Silver
546 Gold Gold Metallic Gold
548 Silberbeige Silver Beige Silver
549 Azurblau Azure Blue Blue
550 Eisblau
551 Rot Red Metallic Red
552 Phonixgold Phoenix Gold Gold
553 Rotrauch Red Smoke Red
556 Rotsilber Red Silver Red
557 Dk Blue Metallic
558 Pazifikblau Pacific Blue Blue
559 Polaris Polaris Silver
561 Silber Silver Smoke Silver
562 Hennarot Henna Red Red
563 Polaris Polaris Metallic Silver
566 Rot Red Metallic Metallic Red
571 Santorinblau II
572 Magentarot Magenta Red Red
573 Balligsilber Spheric Silver Silver
576 Madison Madison Metallic Silver
577 Nuerburgruen Nuerburg Green Green
578 Limonit Metal
583 Motorsport White Motorsport White White
589 Pferd Bronco Beige
603 Arizonasonne Arizona Sun Metallic Gold
613 Arabergold Arabian Gold Gold
621 Messing Metallic
622 Skarabaesgrun Scarab Green Metallic Green
624 Sepiaviolett Sepia Violet Metallic Purple
627 BMW9972 Kastanienbraun met.
630 BMW3835 Lipstickrot
633 BMW9980 Titanicblau
640 Birkenguren Birch Green Green
645 Smeraldo Metallic
646 Rubinrot Metallic
647 Coloured Gold Metallic
668 Schwartz II Black II Standard Black
717 Cortinagrau Cortina Gray Grey
755 Keramikblau Ceramin Beige
813 Ginstergelb
816 Rot 4
833 Titansilber 2 Metallic
835 Citrus Metallic
837 Orange Metallic
842 Sonnengelb
850 Pepper White
851 Chili Red
853 Candy Blue
854 Flamenco Orange
859 Solid Gold Metallic
862 Indi Blue Metallic
870 Electric Blue Metallic
871 Dk Silver Metallic
891 Moccabraun Mocha Brown Metallic Brown
892 Titangrau Titanium Grey Metallic Grey
893 Technograu Metal
894 Chiarettorot Chariot Red Metallic Red
895 Brit Racng Green Metallic
896 Bluewater Bluewater Metallic Blue
897 Turmalinviolett Tourmaline Violet Metallic Purple
900 Arktissilber Metallic
901 Silk Green Pearl Metallic
902 Liquid Yellow
903 Velvet Red Metallic
907 Perlsilber 2 Metallic
912 Piemontrot Metallic
919 Dk Graphite Metallic
944 Dk Ferro Metallic
999 Perlweiss Pearl White

A02 Merlot Red Metallic
A04 Urban Green
A06 Copper Metallic
A07 Mystic Blue Metallic
A08 Silver Grey Metallic
A09 Amethyst Gray Metallic
A10 Diamant Metallic
A11 Highlandgrun Metallic
A12 Flipgruen Metallic
A13 Atlantic Blau Metallic
A14 Mineralsilber Metallic
A15 Maldives Blue Metallic
A17 Havanna Metallic
A17 Mojave Metallic
A18 Quarzblau Metallic
A19 Sydney Blau Metallic
A21 Nauticblau
A22 Sparkling Graphit Metallic
A23 Sonora Metallic
A24 Black-Eye Purple
A25 Astro Black Metallic
A26 Hot Orange Metallic
A27 Cool Blue Metallic
A28 Hyper Blue
A29 Silverstone Metallic II
A30 Interlagos Blau Metallic
A31 Indianapolisrot Metallic
A32 Sepang Silber Metallic
A34 Arktis Metallic
A35 Monacoblau Metallic
A36 Titangrau Metallic II
A38 Michigan Blue Metallic
A39 Barbera Red Metallic
A41 Barrige Rot Metallic
A42 Ultramarine Blue Metallic
A43 Deep Green Metallic
A44 Reflexsilber Metallic
A46 Alpina Blue Ii Metallic
A47 Solar Red
A48 Royal Grey
A49 Space Blue
A51 Montego Blue Metallic
A52 Space Gray Metallic
A53 Platinum Bronze Metallic
A58 Mellow Yellow
A59 Laser Blue
A60 Sparkling Silver
A61 Crimson Red
A62 White Silver Metallic
A63 Lightning Blue Metallic
A64 Thunder Blue Metallic
A68 Platinum Gray Metallic
A69 Mahagoni
A70 Mineral Green Metallic
A71 Patagonia Green Metallic
A72 Cashmere Silver Metallic
A73 Jerez Black Metallic
A74 Oxygen Blue Uni
A75 Melbourne Red Metallic
A76 Deep Sea Blue Metallic
A77 Kristallblau Metallic
A78 Tahiti Green Metallic
A79 Sedona Red Metallic
A81 Tasman Metallic
A82 Vermillion Red Metallic
A83 Glaciersilber Metallic
A84 Milanobeige Metallic
A85 Neptune Blue Metallic
A88 Hot Chocolate
A89 Imperial Blue Metallic
A90 Sophistograu Metallic
A92 Orion Silver Metallic
A94 Midnight Black
A96 Mineral White Pearl

B03 Damastrot Metallic
B05 Monte Carlo Blau Metallic
B06 Sparkling Bronze Metallic
B07 Graphitblau Metallic
B09 Marakeshbraun (Brown) Metallic
B11 Absolute Black Metallic
B12 Crystal Silver Metallic
B13 Cosmic Blue Metallic
B14 True Blue Metallic
B15 Light White
B16 Pure Red
B17 Bright Yellow
B18 Surf Blue
B19 Light Coffee
B21 Atacamagelb Atacama Gelb (yellow)
B22 British Racing Green II Metallic
B23 Spice Orange Metallic
B24 Eclipse Gray Metallic
B26 Oxford Green Metallic
B28 Ice Blue
B30 Reef Blue Metallic
B31 Velvet Silver Metallic
B38 Midnight Blue II Metallic
B39 Mineralgrau Metallic
B40 Liquid Blue Metallic
B41 Singapurgrau Metallic
B43 Highclass Gray Metallic
B44 Valencia Orange Metallic
B46 Laguna Green Metallic
B90 Sophistograu (dark graphite) II Perl.

M01 Magnesium Black Metallic
M02 Leucht Yellow Metallic
M05 Cosmic Blue Metallic
M06 Kristall Gray Metallic

S01 Aurum Metallic
S02 Smeraldo Metallic
S03 Rubinrot II Metallic Ruby Red
S04 Coloured Gold Metallic
S07 Solitaire Metallic
S10 Malachitgrun Metallic
S11 Blue Onyx Metallic
S12 Opal Black Metallic
S23 Rubinschwarz Metallic
S34 Azuritschwarz Metallic
S37 Mondstein Metallic
S38 Aquamarin Metallic
S44 Diopsidschwarz Metallic
S58 Aventurinsilber Metallic

U08 Alpine Green Ii Metallic
U21 Brilliant Weiss Metallic
U57 Ontariogold Metallic
U83 Frozen Grey Matte Metallic
U94 Fire Orange II

WS23 Rubinschwarz Metallic
WS37 Mondstein Metallic

X01 Perlsilber Metallic
X02 Citrin Black Metallic
X03 Rubinschwarz Metallic
X04 Mondstein Metallic
X06 Alpina Blue Ii Metallic
X07 Amazonitsilber Metallic
X08 Champagner Quarz Metallic

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