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How this forum works

Post by bimmertips » Thu Apr 26, 2018 8:18 pm

This forum is intended to be a collection of How - To guides and Reference material to the most popular BMW models.

Members are encouraged to contribute to the forum and help the overall BMW community.

Be patient as this forum grows.

We ask the following from the FORUM members:
Submit videos, pictures, text to categories needing new topics to help the community
Ask questions and request how to write-ups for missing topics
Comment on topics to offer corrections on mistakes made or ask for clarification
New users are restricted until 3 posts have been approved. After making 3 posts, new members will be able to create new How To or Reference topics and also then gain access to the "For Sale" forum. This prevents people from making fake accounts to just post spam.

What differentiates the forum from others?
Most forums available now are cluttered with irrelevant information in between the relevant information. Members have to dig deep and search through pages of posts to extract the information they need to get their job done. This forum bypasses all the clutter and only offers relevant information at the top of each topic.

This forum is intended to be a single source of information for BMW owners to gain access to the common knowledge required maintain older BMW models without having to dig through Google, Youtube, multiple forum pages or printed manuals to find a solution to a problem. This forum will grow and refine as more members contribute and share their past expertise and experience working on BMWs to the rest of the community.

Members can request information in the "Ask a question" section on the top of the forum category. Here, other members can answer these questions and create new How To or Reference topics sharing their expertise to the BMW community. All new topics generated must be approved by the moderator before they are visible to ensure quality control. This also prevents random topics to be posted which are not directly useful to members.

This forum is still a community:
We encourage interaction and sharing of knowledge to help all BMW owners and enthusiasts. Make sure to post your ride to the rest of the members as well as post parts or vehicles for sale in the appropriate areas.

The future of this forum will rely on experienced BMW owners sharing their knowledge with current and next-generation owners.

More BMW models will be added as the community grows.

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