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Replaced battery in 2002 E46 325Ci

Posted: Sun May 19, 2019 10:26 pm
by Mojome007
Hello I am a new user & have a question about having replaced my battery. We purchased & installed a battery of the same type & specs as the original. Upon starting the vehicle the instrument cluster panel no longer works. No gages register any activity. No digital display for mileage, no rpm’s nothing but the ABS light in the lower right corner. I thought perhaps the battery needed to be registered & the instrument panel problem is one of those due to improper/over charging coming from the new battery. However my car is not on the list of cars that must have new batteries registered/programmed. I don’t see the E46 on there. Am I missing it? Does this sound like one of the electrical problems that can result from a new battery? And you know I’ll mention here that we bought the car used about 5 yrs ago. I’ve drivin many nice vehicles, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi’s. This BMW is the nicest handling car. It corners better than any other. But you know it ALWAYS has something wrong with it 4 valve gasket oil leaks, AC, the CD player doesn’t work, I have the error code P1342, accelerator pedal position sensor A circuit right now, the instrument cluster panel, the top hasn’t worked for a month, the drains on the body that keep rain out are clogged so if it gets caught in the rain it pours into the passenger seat... always something. One must be extremely dedicated to own & drive a BMW.